Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Thankful Heart.

I started working a totally different post, but then two things happen.
  1. I got the news that a church friend who had to have breast cancer surgery today had come through well. She only had to have a lumpectomy. No signs elsewhere. Things went well.
  2. I read that a new friend's husband had a bad PET scan report. They have already been through this 3 times(?) with him and cancer with a child, too.

Talk about an emotional roller coaster, and it's not even my roller coaster. These are people that pass through my life and have children my daughter's age. We have things in common, we go to the same church, we live in the same town. But that's where the similarities end. I have never been through anything remotely as trying as these families.

I find it hard to go to sleep because of these two events of the evening. When my head does finally hit the pillow it will be with a grateful and humble heart. I will pray for these two families. I am sure that God is feeling their mixed emotions as well, and will give them a new peace for a new circumstance.

I will try to be more patient tomorrow. I will try to remember that anyone I meet on my path may be going through something unspeakable, and respond with mercy. I will try to treat my family with the love the deserve from me. I will try respond not by WWJD but what would Jesus have me to do. Yes, I lay down with grateful and humble heart.


  1. I dont know these people but I will keep them in my prayers too!! I lost my mom to cancer over 10 years ago, it truly touches me when I hear of anyone going thru that and I know that the person and their family can use all the prayers they can get. *hugz*

  2. my eyes tear up every time I think about it-
    my perspective changes daily- you know? I can get so wrapped up in my own day to day life. And then so quickly I am reminded to just let it all go-there are bigger things in life.

  3. Very well said. I'm a bit behind. Just heard about both of them today. I'm rejoicing...and crying. And praying!