Thursday, February 26, 2009

20 years = Diamonds

Happy Anniversary to me! Jim got me this lovely pendant and necklace, of course we were not supposed to get gifts, we are going to Disney World in 19 days!! All he got was a lousy wallet. Thanks honey, it's beautiful. Please focus on the jewelry and not the leathery like skin that is my decolletage.


  1. Funny me- I was trying to think how that shape tied into something Disney. I was thinking mickey's sorcerer's hat? Then it came to me, "wait, maybe its not something Disney." And I gasped. How could it be!
    It is very beautiful.
    Is 20 years really diamonds?
    My dad gave us a funny card this year with all the handyman anniversary items based on year. I think this year we are on duct tape!

  2. It's beautiful .... I'm a little jealous. I haven't gotten jewelry since my 15 .... of course, for 20 I got a cruise to Alaska, which made me happy as well. :) I need to start buttering him up for 25, though ... hmmmm, maybe new earrings or a bracelet. :)