Friday, February 6, 2009

On the Verge...

As I'm sitting here trying to figure out what happened to January, I wonder if time really is beginning to move faster. I'm not quite sure how I can became a woman who is on the verge of turning 44, on the verge of being married for 20 years, on the verge of having a teen, on the verge of being out of debt, and always on the verge of going on vacation.

With all the connections of facebook to old friends it really makes you stop and think. I still think of Beavercreek, Ohio as my hometown but I've actually been away from there longer than I lived there. I think back when someone makes a friend request --was I nice to that person? I know everyone has changed-- but man-- If I knew then, what I know now.

This brings me to explain my blog title, I can be right or I can be happy.

I follow about a million Disney sites and boards, I mostly just lurk to see what plans people are making or what new rumors are floating around. There is always a thread somewhere about the funny things people overhear at Walt Disney World. Things like "What time does the 3:00
parade start?", "This is costing a small fortune, stop crying and have a good time", and someone told a story of a heated discussion between a husband and wife that ended with the wife saying "Honey, you can be right or you can be happy, your choice!" I laughed while reading the many examples but that last one kept coming back to taunt me. Looking back I'm sure the taunting was the Lord poking me on the shoulder.

I needed to be right to be happy, what a waste of energy. Not only did I need to be right, I needed others to be wrong. I needed to persuade everyone that my way was the only way. We're talking little insignificant things to huge things that really mattered. My way or the highway. I was so tired and so offended all the time.

This little humorous story that was really only meant to be mildly funny started to change my whole perspective. What if I stopped challenging everyone and every situation. What if I realized that everyone did not need my opinion on everything? What if I started to try to see things from someone else's vantage point? Oh My Gosh!!!!

2009 is already proving to be a more challenging (good and tough)year than I imagined. More control over spending, hoping my car will make it til the end of 2009, paradigm shifts with good friends, new friends to look after and care for, unstable job situations, daughter on the brink of teenagerdom, unstable economy and many others things I'm sure all of us face. But this year I don't need to control every little thing, I don't always need to prove how right (or not) I am.

This year I am a woman on the verge of figuring out That I Can be Right or I Can Be Happy!

" 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind' ; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "Luke 10:26-28 "And, "as my daughter says, "the rest will take care of itself." (out of the mouths of babes).

Be Happy!


  1. Well, I must be really immature, because I still want to be right AND happy! ha! :)

    See you in just a few hours -- yippee!

  2. I agree- the rest does take care of it self when we are busy taking care of others!