Friday, February 20, 2009

Party Time!!

I'm doing the Disney dance once again! I get to spend the evening preparing for a We're Going to Walt Disney World Party! We are hosting Jenna's friend Savanna's family for dinner and Disney fun tomorrow night. I wonder if for me there is as much fun in preparing for a WDW trip as there is in actually going on the trip. Okay, maybe not quite as much fun, but I still love it.

I already have the Disney dishes out ready to set the table. I'm never at a loss for Disney decorations. Jenna has requested Mickey Mouse pizza as the main menu item. I used to make these when she was younger, hope I can still pull that off.

We have great videos of our previous trips and a captive audience so they will probably have to suffer few some of those. We also have great picture albums from all our previous trips, they probably have to suffer through those too. I have a great itinerary to share with her parents so they will know what we are doing for the week. There will be some suggestions for things to bring and not to bring. Hopefully this will all lead to a great anticipation for the trip. I know I'm excited!!!

So put on you Mickey ears and and gear up for a evening of Disney Fun!! (I'm sure pictures will be taken and shown here later in the weekend)

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