Thursday, February 12, 2009

June Cleaver Rocks!

How did she do it? I know she was home all day...but still! I tried to clean house last night and I embarrassed my self at how dusty I let everything get. Three rags worth and I haven't even made it to Jenna's end of the house yet. This is bear minimum cleaning. What will I find if I actually did some "spring cleaning?" We did have a tornado this week, so spring is obviously coming early.
Do you have any great tricks that help to keep up with cleaning? Do you have a schedule that helps you keep up with the bigger cleaning items? My mom worked and kept a clean house when I was growing up. She could always have company over at a moment's notice. You may have to wait for the engraved invitation to dare knock on my door these days. I'm going to surf for some tips, I'll let you know what I find.
In the meantime here was a cute (not so helpful really, but fun) stain removal hints list:

Here's a handy guide to getting out those pesky fabric stains:
Blood - Spill more blood around area of stain so it won't stand out as much.
Ink - Fall to knees and plead, "Why, God, why? Why dost thou test me so?"
Grass - Write the name of your liquid detergent on stain. Wash. Hold up to camera, and show off the unbelievable results.
Mud - Place large iron-on NASCAR patch over stain. Apply heat for 60 seconds.
Tomato Sauce - Take out the mook responsible for your tomato-sauce stain by executing him gangland-style in the back of the head. Capeche?
Coffee - Rub cream and sugar into stain. Apply oral suction. Enjoy rich, robust coffee-stain flavor.
Wine - Apply mixture of 1/2 rum and 1/2 Coke to self until you no longer care about some little freaking stain.
Chewing Gum - Using permanent marker, draw dotted line around stain. Cut carefully on dotted line.
Nail Polish - Nail-polish stains are actually quite lovely. Why not leave them in for a pleasing "homecrafted" look?


  1. Those were funny === I especially like the "blood" one! :)

  2. I truly hope you did not inspect my home while you were here on friday. I am home all day but obviously not tending to it!