Saturday, February 28, 2009

And so it goes...

I took Jenna and Savanna shopping in the Target (Memorial) travel aisle today. Which by the way is very skimpy compared to what used to be in our Target (Rockwell). We had fun finding silly little items that cost way too much per ounce in comparison to regular sized items but feel way more special for a trip. We ate some cheap Target popcorn with our Happy Hour Sonic drinks and just were having a great little outing. We hit the Mall for a few minutes to check out Claire's and the Disney Store. (Okay, I can't believe I worked for Claire's for seven years. I was in there for 20 minutes and the walls felt like they were coming in on me. Man, I am old!) We were headed back to drop Savanna off talking about how great our trip is going to be and the rides Savanna thinks she wants try, if even just once. La..La..La having a nice little jaunt.

Battery light starts flickering.....a little bit of a rattle...can I make it to Savanna's grandmother's house?...was that a little squeal?...we just spent $300 on this stupid car...more weird noises...just two more that smoke?...okay, I can park it here...more smoke...lots of smoke...calling Jim...!!!

Jim arrives....He thinks it's a goner. It was on it's last leg but were praying to get to the end of the year with it, heck, I never go anywhere that isn't off Rockwell between 122nd and 10th, well except today. Oh well, I'm sure the walking will do me good. How would I look on a moped?(don't answer that) So maybe we can take our own food into Disney World? and so it goes...


  1. oh no! Car trouble stinks- Its hard to be a one car family ... hope its fixable and that the 1 car situation does not last long!

  2. Ooooh . . . totally sucks. At least you have Disney to look forward to!