Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm thinking...Disney!

What will you Celebrate?

The new promotion for Disney Parks this year is "What will you Celebrate?" If you are in a park on your actually birthday they will give you a free park pass. We never seem to be near the parks on any of our birthdays. We have sometimes come close with Jim's if we happen to be there during Thanksgiving, but not during this promotion. Jenna and I are trying to decide what we are going to celebrate this trip.

I know that they have a button for some one's 1st trip to Walt Disney World so I'm sure that we will have to celebrate with one of those for Savanna. We think maybe we need a button that celebrates "Going to Disney with a Friend," "Showing Disney to a Newbie," "A button with a space to write in the # of times you've visited," I think I might need some kind of generational button, maybe "Celebrating the third generation of Disney goers." Whatever we decide to celebrate I know it will be great fun.

I kind of imagine it becoming the "thing" of this trip. Our trips always seem to have a "thing." Whether it be Jim pointing out the "Tree of Life" every time we could see the top of it from the car, needing two lines to get on the tram to the parking lot, warning Tonya every time we might get wet, or the "no bad dancing" signs. I imagine that we could "celebrate " every little step we take especially with someone who has not been . This may actually have to have a special section in my next scrapbook. Look for the results of the "What will you Celebrate" challenge.

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