Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 January Challenge

January 24, 2009 --I resolve to take more self portraits doing things I enjoy.

Jenna and I playing Sequence on a Snow (Ice) Day!


  1. Lori, I just left you a comment on my post, then figured it might be easier to leave it here --- I would LOVE if you could reserve a room at the college!! ANYTIME would be fine with me ... my social calendar is sadly open most all the time, ha! :)

    I'm sure there are others as well, but it sounds like we've already got a small group who is interested ..... I'm really excited at the thought this could happen!! Just let me know when is good for you and I'll put it on my calendar -- IN INK!!!

  2. woohoo to the spt- and woohoo to scrapbooking!
    Why have we not talked about this before?!

    love that you and jenna played a game today- nobody was interested in playing with me today. You know I am kicking myself for the times the kids have asked me to play with them and I say later.