Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Surprise...Surprise...Surprise..." --Gomer Pyle

When I first got the idea to see if we could take "S" (Savanna) to WDW with us, I think my husband said I could ask her parents because he never dreamed they would say "yes." They said "yes" and a dream and a great Christmas morning surprise were born.

The gifts that Santa brings to our house are always found in the same place, on the hearth of the fireplace. This is where Jenna heads first. She looked over all the things that Santa had brought, he's quite the creature of habit at our house. She started to open her stocking and pulled out the traditional toothbrush, candy, jewelry, then something different, a WDW planner folder. She started to open the folder and then began to push aside the airline itinerary because she already knew we were going to WDW. I had to encourage her to look more closely. I had highlighted Savanna's name and she seemed confused for a moment, as if it couldn't possibly be true. When she caught on I knew at that moment I had chosen the right friend.

We are so excited about this trip. There is nothing like showing WDW to a newbie. Savanna and her family went Disneyland last summer and spent just one day at Magic Kingdom and automatically found the magic of the whole experience. My only regret about this trip is that we can't take Savanna's whole family. Look for trip reports while we're WDW right here on this blog. Also, in the coming days look for Savanna's response to the news.

Merry Christmas girls!!


  1. You posted too soon...all you saw was the title. You goofy girl. LYMI

  2. That's great that they are both so excited. You made a great choice and I know when we told our daughter our plans to go she was extremely excited. I can only imagine if we were telling her she could experience it with a friend.

  3. Well, since I know and like BOTH of those girls, I can't wait to follow along vicariously through your writing ..... :)

  4. I am crying- I am trying to finish getting ready to leave the house- but I stopped to read your post-
    Will have to comment again later, but could not leave without telling you how happy-grateful-excited we are.
    We were all working on thank you notes this morning, and Savanna felt stumped with how to say "thanks"- the words don't cover it, you know?