Monday, January 19, 2009

Free to Be Me

In worship service yesterday our Mid-High pastor was our speaker. She was wonderful, creative and inspiring. You definitely had to be there to get her full effect, but she was basically trying to remind us to get out of God's way. We need to find a way to worship that is not concerned with those around us. The scripture she used from Samuel was describing David's dancing and praising before the Lord with abandon, and then the chiding he received from his wife to which he responded that would continue to be undignified in his praise to allow God to be greater. Obviously she spoke of this with much more preparation and eloquence than I am stating it here.

But it got me thinking...When do I feel free to act in abandon?

I am probably most "free to be me" when I am on vacation. I have mentioned that I love Walt Disney World (WDW). One of the reasons that I love WDW is because it removes me from the reality of my world. I am able to surround myself with happiness for an extended period of time with people that I love and love me. I am in a place where everyone is of one mind. Everyone wants the same outcome...a great vacation!

I can scream at the top of lungs when I'm on Expedition Everest or laugh hysterically while on Primeval Whirl. My party wears matching shirts just to get more attention. I'll put on completely awful 3-D glasses, as to not miss anything. I find myself dancing in the streets, interacting with performers, and talking with everyone around me.

What if I did that everyday, and not just wait til I'm on vacation. Shouldn't I be able to worship with abandon? Surely church is a place where we should all be of one mind with a common outcome. How do I get out of the way and let God be greater than my insecurites and fears? Any thoughts on how to accomplish that?


  1. I just typed a whole comment and lost it!
    So I will try again- and as I have had more time to think I think my comment has changed ...

    The thought to be like a child comes to mind.
    As I watch my little ones do things I am reminded of how simple life can be. They run, dance, sing, play and pray simply because. Its all very simple to them.
    They play in the rain. They are not doing things to get into shape or cross it off their to do list. They are not worried about what others think. They do everything with their whole being. They put their all into it. And maybe that is why we are so happy on vacation. We are putting out whole self into it!
    I really like what you wrote- it has me thinking.

    ps- I answered yours and Kristi's question in the comments on my blog- sorry! I get to writing like everyone knows what is going on in my world!

  2. I tried to comment the other day...but because I dindn't have any of the required memberships, I couldn't. However, now I problem solved! :)

    My family and I are going to WDW the begining of June...or that's the plan unless hubby's job gets squashed. Anyway, it will be the first visit for our entire family of 4. Any suggestions? Must do's or see....any tips you have the time and energy to share would be awesome. We are planning, at this point, to stay at Pop Century and will be there approx. 7 days.