Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Sometimes a good giggle stops you in your chaos!"

Our church (Bethany First Church of the Nazarene) offers ceramics as a Wednesday night activity and Jenna (my daughter) loves it. Every other week or so I try to get her to actually go to the mid-high activities just so she doesn't get completely left out, but she loves ceramics.

So last night she was supposed to be getting her clothes changed in order to get ready to leave and she comes out "Mom, I can't find my ceramic pants!" Okay, maybe I was just tired, but I totally got the giggles imagining ceramic pants. Then it was like, "Where is my ceramic jacket?," with her pretending she was wearing a ceramic jacket. I know you really had to be there for this to be ROFL, but for me these kind of silly, she's still my little girl, moments are the absolute best.

And believe it or not you can actually see ceramic clothes on display at ceramics festival.

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