Tuesday, January 20, 2009

lelly's challenge

January 13, 2009 --I resolve to take more self-portraits with people I love!
I'm a week behind with this challenge.

Only 9 Tuesdays until WDW!!

January 20, 2009--I resolve to take more self portraits while trying new things (which by the way I hate to do).

Here's me trying to learn to blog.


  1. how fun you are going to do these SP's too!
    love your shot! you love jenna and Mickey- I am so excited to see the SP's from the disney trip!
    8 tuesdays-wow!

  2. I borrowed your logo--I hope that is okay. I thought this might be a way to get me to use my camera more. Hope it's okay if I tag along?

  3. How did I not know that you did this??? Hello there! I've loved reading your posts. I'll be coming by a lot now!

  4. Thanks for coming by. I just started this as a 2009 thing. I follow yours, too.