Monday, January 26, 2009

If it only was a Snow Day!!

Many of you may not know that I grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio. I lived there (mostly) for the first nineteen years of my life. That's a place where you can get excited about a snow day. We would sit awaiting the cancellation announcement and then hit the phone to make plans. We would all meet at the top of the best hill with sleds in hand. I mean real sleds, the type with rails, the ones your parents used before you. We could spend the whole day outside. There was no ice, no mind chilling wind, no cars...just wonderful inches of white, gleaming snow.

The kind of snow you could build a fort with, make a million snowballs, build a great snowmen, and make the best snow angels ever. The whole neighborhood would be outside 'til you couldn't feel your hands or feet and just had no choice but to give in to the elements. The next day would return to normal because they knew how to clear the snow and get it out of the way. But it was a great day while it lasted.

We have a "Snow Day" tomorrow. No school, no work, and NO SNOW! We have had misty freezing rain all day and expect more into the night. There is nothing fun about ice. It keeps you home bound-- no plans to play outside with friends, no moms making hot chocolate for the whole neighborhood, no sleds from days gone by. I'd really like to have a true "Snow Day."

I'm sure we will enjoy tomorrow, we'll stay in our jammies, we'll watch movies, maybe do some scrapbooking, and it will be nice...but it won't be a "Snow Day." For my friends still in Ohio---and anywhere else where there is snow-- please make a snowball for Jenna and me.

This is not my photo--but it reflects my exact sentiments!


  1. Oh how I wish there were snow. Now I wish I lived in Ohio:(

  2. Because I am not very bright ... although I knew Dean had grown up in Ohio, I sort of forgot that meant you had, too. :)

    Blaine and I lived at Wright-Patt for three years, and in fact, our youngest daughter was born there. We miss Ohio SO MUCH!! In fact, if it wasn't for our family here, that is most likely where we would have chosen to retire.

    And although I did love the snow, I think the thing I miss most about Ohio is First Watch!

  3. Kristie--

    I looked up First Watch, is it a diner? It says happily serving for 25 years. I've been gone from the area for 24 years so I think I missed that place. I'll have to check it out. We still love Marion's Piazza. We have been known to bring half-baked one's home on the plane.

  4. no snow- just ice-
    This is what I am used to- did not know there was anything different until I moved to Colorado- oh beautiful snow! Real snow! And then Utah- oh the heavens opened and shared the love. But not here. Just ice- I have returned to my frozen roots.
    glad you are here in the frozenness too- would be sad if you were in ohio!

  5. We lived in Greenville, OH for about 3 years. Living in Indiana, growing up, we had snow days semi-frequently. When I got married and moved to the middle of nowhere, and had kids..I discovered that they don't plow country roads and snow days happened on less of a rare occasion.

    Now that we live in a city things don't slow down too much with the snow...though we've had some 2 hour delays in the 2 school years we've been closings...yet.