Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Shoes

"A pair of shoes can change your life"---Cinderella (I'm sure if she didn't actually state this out loud she was definitely thinking it.)

When did my excitement over shoes change from the feeling of how great they looked with your new outfit, how high heels made you calves look, would your friends just be so excited for you? to "Oh my gosh, these shoes are so comfortable?" It doesn't matter that they are some horrid color or that they really resemble some kind of rubber flotation device. They are COMFORTABLE, dag nab it and that's what matters!

I have been on the search of new running/walking shoes. And I mean search, like all out... asking other people, seeking out advice on the Internet, shopping and trying on every style, brand, and color to no avail. Then yesterday in a last ditch effort to find a pair I had seen on the Internet I went to Dillard's. I know... I know... who goes to Dillard's for athletic shoes? and low and behold with the help of a totally darling sales lady I found a pair. I've already worn them to run and they are wonderful. I'm tempted go hoard every pair just to never go through this experience again.

And yes, they are ugly!


  1. Your excitement over shoes changed probably about the same time I convinced myself that going out in public in sweat pants ... on purpose ... was totally acceptable. (and not cute little yoga-y sweatpants, or track pants ... I'm talking full-on, fleece gray sweat pants with the elastic waistband and ankle cuffs.) They're ugly, but they're comfortable!! PS. Do you mind if I put a link to your site in my sidebar? Makes it easier for me to check back on a regular basis ... thanks!

  2. Kristie--

    Feel free to link me however it works for you! My ugly sweatpants even have bleach spots on them. Of course, you can always pretend that happened after you got in the car!

  3. oh- i get it about the shoes
    remember me wearing my sandals in the cold/
    earth shoes for me!