Friday, January 23, 2009

We need a little Disney, right this very minute.

I needed a little Disney in my life today. In case you missed that big countdown in the corner, I thought I'd mention I'm planning for a WDW trip for Spring Break. (I really need to start homeschooling so that I can go in the off season).

This trip is going to be a little different than most of our trips. We have traveled just the three of us, we have traveled with our extended family, we have traveled with friends a number of times, but this trip we are taking one of my 11 year old daughter's best friends. I know, I know, there are whole threads on the disboard ( about the pros/cons of this type of an adventure. Everyone has their thoughts on a vacation with someone else's child. These discussions are as bad as "taking the kids out of school for vacation" but not as heated as "whether your resort refillable mugs should be brought back trip after trip" that's a topic where the flames come out. You Disney neurotics know what I mean.

I have great expectations for this trip. Jenna's friend is a total sweetie and I have great confidence in both of them to make this a trip of a lifetime. (No pressure there) I was going through photos for this post and I got excited just about the thought of being able to scrapbook this trip when we are home and what a great memory it will be for Jenna and her friend who we will call "S." (hope that is okay with you, mom of "S"?). Here are some great memories of Disney past:
1973 Me, my brother, & cousins
1982 me, my mom and grandmother obviously using the same hairdresser.
2008- my husband, Jenna, friends and Minnie

I can't wait to have some great memories to post from this upcoming trip. I will update you as the trip planning progresses. If you have any thoughts on traveling with someone else's child or traveling with 6th grade girls I would love to here it. Coveting your advice and suggestions.
Have a Magical Day!!


  1. How exciting! What a wonderful memory for both girls.

    I'm glad I thought to have you and my aunt get together. You remind me so much of each other.

    You can ask her for advice on this. They've done it before. Wonder if them taking the girls and me without Shawn falls into that category!

  2. Lori, I have lots of experience, and suggestions. Maybe I should send an e-mail on fb!

    1. Medical Permission form
    2. Rules outlined ahead of time - everyone gets tired and cranky.
    3. Build in nap times, yes, even for that age
    4. Groceries in Kissimmee much cheaper than Goodings
    5. Freeze water bottles for the parks keep in back pack

  3. Hooray- you have officially announced that "S" is going- now I can talk too! I have been too quiet about it (I had not even written about the surprise reveal to her on my blog!)

    You can call her S, you can call her Savanna, whatever you want- you are the momma of this trip!

    I have every confidence too, that they will have a "trip of a lifetime"- I get teary just thinking of all the happiness. I am sure they will get tired, and I am sure they may get cranky, but I know these girls. They will do great!

    I still can't blog about our families Disney day from the summer- it really was so amazing- how do I type that up?
    It has been so fun to watch Savanna's excitement for this trip-
    How do you thank friends for taking your daughter to Disney World?
    (and I hear ya about homeschooling- I think that every year as school starts)